TERM 2 Multiple Choice Set 1


Which of the following statements about the dental sac is false?
  1. It ultimately forms the fibrous sac which protects enamel
  2. Dental follicle cells give rise to the cementum and ligament
  3. Perifollicular mesenchyme cells give rise to bone
  4. The dental sac is formed from mesodermal cells
  5. More than one of the above is false


  1. is the hardest tissue in the body
  2. is thinnest at the apical foramen
  3. is composed of acellular cementum at its apical two-thirds
  4. has different types one of which is intermediate cementum
  5. lines the dentin along the pulp


Regarding periodontal ligament fibres...
  1. alveolar crest group inserts on the cementum below its origin on the alveolar bone
  2. oblique is a small group of fibres found near the apical foremen
  3. the interradicular group connects adjacent teeth
  4. the oblique group runs from the alveolar bone downward to insert in cementum
  5. more than one of the above is correct


Concerning mucous membranes...
  1. the oral mucous membrane contains a small submucosa filled with fatty tissue
  2. the oral mucosa of the cheek is a keratinized lining mucosa
  3. the epithelium of the inferior surface of the tongue is composed of three cell types
  4. floor of the mouth contains a large lamina propria filled will salivary glands
  5. the soft palate contains an aponeurosis between the epithelium and lamina propria


Concerning the gingiva...
  1. 10% of the gingiva is parakeratimzed
  2. mucogingival line separates the free gingiva from the attached
  3. transseptal fibres travel horizontally in the tissue from one tooth to the adjacent tooth
  4. melanocytes are found in the basal layer and play a role in the immune response
  5. dentogingival fibres travel from the dentin to the alveolar bone


Which of the following statements about the TMJ are false?
  1. the head of the condyle is covered by fibrous connective tissue
  2. there is no secondary centre of ossification
  3. blood vessels enter the head of the condyle
  4. parallel fibres are found on the periphery of the articular disc
  5. pseudocavernous spaces are false spaces in the retrodiscal pad whose function is unknown


Which statement concerning salivary glands is true?
  1. the parotid is mixed
  2. the submandibular is mixed but predominantly mucous
  3. sublingual is mixed but predominantly mucous
  4. mucous cells form demilunes of Guinnuzzi
  5. the presence of a capsule around the sublingual gland prevents the spread of infection


The maxillary sinus...
  1. is covered by stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium
  2. is connected to the orbit
  3. is lined by the Schneiderian membrane
  4. can also be called the antrum of Davis
  5. often contains the roots of the central incisors
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