Neuronatomy Multiple Choice Set 2


Secretory (motor) neurons to the lacrimal gland are derived from the:
  1. Greater petrosal nerve
  2. Motor root of m
  3. Lacrimal nerve
  4. Deep petrosal nerve
  5. Lesser petrosal nerve


The thyroarytenoid muscle of the larynx is derived from the fourth branchial arch, indicating its innervation would come from the:
  1. Hypoglossal nerve
  2. Glossopharyogeal nerve
  3. Accesaory nerve
  4. Vagus nerve
  5. Cervical plexus


The cell bodies of the motor neurons to the anterior belly of the digastric muscle are located in the:
  1. Semilunar ganglion
  2. Pons
  3. Geniculate ganglion
  4. Medulla
  5. Cerebellum


The nerve which conveys sensory impulses from the gingiva on the lingual aspect of the mandibular teeth is the:
  1. Inferior alveolar nerve
  2. Mental nerve
  3. Lingual nerve
  4. Buccal nerve
  5. Greater palatine nerve


The superior ramus of the ansa cervicalis is derived from the ventral primary rami of:
  1. C-2 & C-3
  2. C-1, C-2 & C-3
  3. C-1 & C-2
  4. C-3 & C-4
  5. C-2, C-3 & C-4


When a patient was asked to protrude the tongue, it was noticed the tongue protruded markedly to the left. This would indicate a possible injury to one of the following nerves:
  1. Left mandibular nerve
  2. Left lingual nerve
  3. Right hypoglossal nerve
  4. Left hypoglossal nerve
  5. Right mandibular nerve


Inability to elevate the upper eyelid would indicate a possible lesion of the:
  1. Facial nerve
  2. Ophthalmic nerve
  3. Trochlear nerve
  4. Abducens nerve
  5. Oculomotor nerve


When the drug atropine is placed on the eye, the pupil remains dilated because the motor pathway to the dilator pupillae muscle has been blocked.
  1. Both statement and reason are correct and related
  2. Both statement and reason are correct but NOT related
  3. The statement is correct but the reason is NOT
  4. The statement is NOT correct but the reason is an accurate statement
  5. NEITHER statement nor reason is correct
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