Gross Anatomy Multiple Choice Set 3


The bone of the skull which contains the foremen ovale is the:
  1. Sphenoid
  2. Ethmoid
  3. Frontal
  4. Temporal
  5. Zygomatic


The oral part of the pharynx communicates directly with the:
  1. Oral cavity, nasal cavity and laryngopharynx
  2. Oral cavity and laryngopharynx only
  3. Oral cavity, tympanic cavity and larynx
  4. Oral cavity, esophagus and nasal cavity
  5. Anterior portions of nasal passages only


The thyrohyoid membrane is pierced by the:
  1. Vagus nerve and superior thyroid artery
  2. Recurrent laryageal nerve and inferior thyroid artery
  3. Superior laryngeal nerve and superior laryngeal artery
  4. External branch of superior laryngeal nerve and superior laryngeal artery
  5. Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve and superior laryngeal artery


Lymph vessels from the mandibular premolars pass directly to the:
  1. Submental nodes
  2. Deep cervical nodes
  3. Supraclavicular nodes
  4. Parotid nodes
  5. Submandibular nodes


The functional components conveyed by the neurons of the chorda tympani nerve are:
  1. GSA and SSA
  2. GVE and SVE
  3. GVA and SVA
  4. GVA, SVA and GVE
  5. SVA and GVE


The facial nerve after it exits from the stylomastoid foremen passes anteriorly and:
  1. Deep to the retromandibular vein
  2. Deep to the external carotid artery
  3. Between the retromandibular vein and external carotid artery
  4. Superficial to the retromandibular vein and external carotid artery
  5. Deep to the superficial temporal artery


Sensory loss in the skin overlying the mastoid process suggests injury to the:
  1. Auriculotemporal nerve
  2. Greater occipital nerve
  3. Zygomaticotemporal nerve
  4. Lesser occipital nerve
  5. Transverse cervical nerve


Sympathetic preganglionic nerve fibers for the arteries supplying the submandibular salivary gland synapse in the:
  1. Ciliary ganglion
  2. Superior cervical ganglion
  3. Submandibular ganglion
  4. Inferior cervical ganglion
  5. Pterygopalatine ganglion
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