Gross Anatomy Multiple Choice Set 2


Cerebrospinal fluid returns to the blood stream principally through the:
  1. Internal carotid and vertebral arteries
  2. Walls of veins in the subarachnoid space
  3. Choroid plexus
  4. Arachnoid granulations
  5. Lymphatic vessels in the gray matter


In the submandibular triangle, the mylohyoid muscle lies immediately superficial to the:
  1. Lingual artery
  2. Facial artery
  3. Anterior belly of the digastric muscle
  4. Submandibular duct
  5. Mylohyoid nerve


The bony roof of the infratemporal fossa is formed primarily by the:
  1. Greater wing of the spheroid bone
  2. Tympanic plate of the temporal bone
  3. Zygomatic bone
  4. Vertical portion of the palatine bone
  5. Infratemporal surface of the maxillary bone


The piriform recess is located:
  1. Above the palatine tonsil
  2. Beneath the middle nasal concha
  3. On either side of the larynx within the laryngopharynx
  4. Posterior to the salpingopharyugeal folds within the nasopharynx
  5. Between the glossoepiglottic folds


The motor nerve to the cricothyroid muscle is the:
  1. Recurrent laryugeal nerve
  2. External branch of the superior laryngeal nerve
  3. Cervical branch of the facial nerve
  4. Mandibular nerve
  5. Internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve


The ophthalmic artery on its way to the orbit passes through the:
  1. Inferior orbital fissure
  2. Same opening as the optic nerve
  3. Inferior orbital fissure
  4. Same opening as the superior ophthalmic vein
  5. Superior orbital fissure


The intrinsic muscle of the larynx which parallels and lies adjacent to the vocal cords is the:
  1. Transverse arytenoid muscle
  2. Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle
  3. Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle
  4. Thyroarytenoid muscle
  5. Cricothyroid muscle


In taking an x-ray of the maxillary premolars, the rays from the machine to the film would most likely pass through the:
  1. Levator anguli oris muscle
  2. Risorius muscle
  3. Levator labli superioris alaeque nasi muscle
  4. Mentalis muscle
  5. Depressor labli inferioris muscle
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